“I am about as dry as the desert”, he confessed honestly. The daily stuff of life had left him feeling worn and spiritually parched. His faith was ebbing. I countered with a question, “Where’s your Bible these days?” He gave me a long hard look before speaking. “It’s on my desk … gathering dust.”

Life takes its busy toll as we manage our way through the maze of life. We know the feeling of weariness that can come as we daily walk this path. Oh, we pray. We even quickly grab a Bible verse here or there in the hope of some spiritual fast food. And it’s fine for a while — until we realize we are dry on the inside and joy seems to have given way to daily grind.

The remedy is so simple we sometimes miss it. Taking in the word of God is what replenishes our faith. It’s what refreshes our souls and feeds our deep dryness with gulps of refreshing Living Water. Lingering in the presence of Jesus and letting His words sink deep into our hearts quenches our thirst.

Carve out some time to read or listen to the Bible. Leave the books, articles and podcasts for another day and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and refresh you. Be prepared to linger awhile. Your faith depends on it. Faith comes by hearing, especially hearing the word of God. It truly is a supernatural exchange.

Father God, thank you that you draw me near and want to refresh me. Please help me to make time to linger in your presence today. Refresh my dry spirit with Living Water that comes only from your word and your presence. Help me to depend on your word as the fresh water my thirsty spirit needs. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper ― Make a fresh commitment to read God’s word regularly. Read some of the Psalms or the Proverb that matches the date that day. Or start with the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and read the very words of Jesus. Always ask God’s Spirit to speak to your heart with fresh understanding. Drink deeply and be refreshed!

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Photo Credit: Marjhon Obsioma on Unsplash