“It is vain for you to rise up early, to retire late, to eat the bread of painful labors; for He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.” Psalm 127:2 (NASB) 

She frowned as she looked more closely at the label on her concealer bottle. The four-ounce container had cost more than her meal last night; it had promised rejuvenation in a bottle. After using it she looked like she had even less than the four hours of sleep she had actually gotten.

She looked at herself squarely in the mirror, tossed the concealer in the trash, and spent a moment with the Lord. After she prayed, she cancelled a non-essential meeting with her friend, and took a long and much-needed nap before picking her daughter up from preschool. Later in the afternoon, she was much better prepared to hand in a carefully reworked project for her boss with pride and confidence, knowing that she had done her best.

Whether you are sick, emotionally exhausted, overloaded, or just plain busy, remember that Jesus is the great Restorer. He has wise plans for your each and every day, plans that include a restful portion of sleep. That is a gift to you, a breather from the “painful labors” of each day. Submit your plans for today to Him, bowing down to things He may need to change around in order for you to accomplish what is needed. In fact, as you can see through today’s verse, if you trust Him with your rest, He gives to you even while you sleep. Won’t you sleep a little easier knowing just how much your Father loves you?

Dear Lord, I want to please others in my life, but most of all I want to please You. Please teach me to follow Your lead and to receive Your call to rest every time You desire it for me. How amazing is it that You would give to me even in my sleep? Thank You, God! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Take Action

Take a good look at the rest of your day or week. Have you planned enough rest time so you can get to bed for some real refreshment? If not, push something out. It’s so important to get your body the rest it needs. Trust God to help you to get there practically, and get ready to lay down and receive from Him every night.

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