"A sower went out to sow..."  Matthew 13:3

Six simple words that changed my life:

"A sower..."

The person knows who he is: a sower. Do I see myself as a sower?

"Went out..."

The only way to sow is to go out. One can’t sow by thinking of sowing, dreaming of sowing, or studying sowing. One simply has to go and do it. Do I go out?

"To sow..."

The sower was intentional about accomplishing his task, not leaving it to chance. He not only planned it, but did it. Do I seek opportunities to sow?

“A sower went out to sow...”

The best sower I know is Jesus. In the Gospels, we see Jesus sowing everywhere He goes:

Jesus, Your whole ministry was a ministry of sowing — on hard ground, weed-infested ground, and good soil. You sowed wherever You where, and I want You to continue Your sowing through me. Today, as I go out, may I remember that You are sending me to sow, and may I sow Your words aptly, with your love, wherever I go. Amen.

Take Action

Because Jesus, the perfect sower, lives in you by His Spirit, you are also a sower. So, whenever you go out, go out to sow: anytime, anywhere, at any cost, trusting Him to give you the very words He wants sown.

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