“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30

My life has always been immersed in music and song. Life’s jukebox has recorded and documented my experience for personal posterity. Radio plays the soundtrack of my life. Songs, secular and sacred, are indelibly linked to memories. When I hear a familiar song, I recollect the period, place, and people from a moment.

In Matthew 26, honoring the tradition of Passover, Jesus recites (or maybe even sings) the Hallel Psalms (Psalms 113-118). Select portions accurately reflect the soundtrack of Jesus’ life: devotion, obedience, thankfulness, trust, and sacrifice. The Psalms affirmed His divinity, identity, and mission to those present.

Remarkably, God has designed every human with the ability for musical expression – primarily to freely worship and praise His character and name. Worship is our response to God’s sovereign glory, grace, and character. For believers, the soundtrack of the soul is timeless – transcending time, piercing eternity, and resonating through Heaven’s throne room.

Do you sing the soundtrack of your soul? Singing is a powerful proclamation of God’s sovereignty and salvation, connecting us to moments in our past, encouraging us through the present, and reassuring us of our glorious future. Sacred songs remind us that God is our ever-present sovereign redeemer – exclusively worthy of our personal psalms of perfect praise.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift and privilege of worship. Holy Spirit, teach me how to worship in Spirit and in truth. Fill my heart and mind with Your Word so that my soul may sing Your name and glorify You with praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

Take Action

Before you begin your day, meditate on Psalm 116, and if possible, include a Psalm as part of your daily devotional time. Ask the Lord to help you develop an attitude of worship. Lift up your voice to heaven and sing His praises.

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