Eyes fixed and face set like a flint, Abram moved straight ahead on the instructions he received from God.

At the age of 75, he did not consider it strange to pack up his family and move to a different place as God instructed. God never told Abram where he was headed but that He would show him as he moved forward. Not once did Abram question God’s instructions.

Can you think of a time when you picked up and moved as God instructed without questioning his authority? God’s instructions to us may not be as extreme as the ones given to Abram, but they are still worthy of our attention and obedience. It is easy to move when you are aware of what comes next. It is also easy to move when you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. However, when faced with circumstances such as the one Abram found himself in, it can present challenges. Although we can consult others when we receive instructions from God, it is still our responsibility to follow through on what has been spoken.

God’s instructions are life-changing. When we obey his voice, like Abram, we may find ourselves in strange territory. However, it helps to know that God speaks to lead us to the next place he has for us. He speaks to give us warnings about what is to come. He sees what we cannot see. He guides us with his eyes upon us. Our job is simply to obey his voice.

Lord, forgive me for the times I failed to listen attentively and obey your voice. I pray that as I continue to study examples such as these that I will be strengthened in my faith. Help me to trust your heart towards me in times of conflict and confusion and know that you will never lead me astray. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Today's Challenge: Take a moment and reflect about the last time you received instructions from God. If you journal, consider writing your reflections down. Did you fully obey his voice? What would you have done differently now?

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Photo Credit: Gerrit Vermeulen on Unsplash