How do you face the challenges of life without being taken out?

No one can live a life without ever falling short of what is expected of them. Each one of us is weak in a certain area. The sooner you and I know that, the better it will be. Focusing on our weaknesses is not the goal. It leads to depression.

That’s why we should fix our eyes on God, who can exceed what you and I think and dream of. We should aim at strengthening our faith walk on this earth so we can live our best life.

When you and I have access to God’s power, there’s joy. Joy is more than happiness. It’s long-lasting, beyond emotion. It’s an inner peace that is calming and sparkling. Experiencing such inner delight strengthens us to pursue God’s will even more. This helps us to live our best life.

You can receive this joy to make life easier. Not that all the challenges of life will be lifted, but there will be a form of ease that brings comfort to the inner soul while the storm is raging outside.

Do you want this kind of joy? Ask God for what you want out of life. If it’s within God’s will, he will grant your request. If not, trust that there is a reason and that he will provide something even better. Simply ask in Jesus’ name and then believe he is working on it. You will then receive the joy, knowing that he is listening, he cares, and he is ready to meet your needs.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to provide all my needs according to your riches. Give me the joy of living the great life you’ve given me so I can overcome anything that I face, in Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

Go Deeper — Reflect on Nehemiah 8:10 “…. the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Then read the short article Fighting for Joy. How can seeking God’s will for your life bring you joy and strengthen your faith?

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Photo Credit: Robert Collins