I was wide-eyed and zit-faced, a freshman in a brand new world. On my first Saturday night at Penn State, three friends and I wandered the array of events designed to entertain and occupy us, a swirling blur of music and food and activity.

After the scene surrounding the dining hall lost our attention, we backtracked to an open field we’d previously bypassed, where a band on a modest stage performed before dozens of huddled groups. When we got there the music had stopped and a cadre of students were dismantling the stage. We ambled in anyway, simply from the curiosity of what had been.

Within moments an older student stopped us. “Hi, I’m Brooks,” he said, and I felt like I was staring up at a giant. Here was a seasoned college veteran (maybe a senior!) condescending to talk to four scrawny freshmen. He explained that a Christian group had put on the concert, and asked if we might be interested in a Bible study. Given his stature and the fact that he singled us out, we might have signed up for anything. He handed us cards and pens and we jotted down our info, dropped them in a box and said a cordial goodbye. Our interaction lasted no more than a few minutes.

But that seemingly insignificant conversation — a few friendly words — was bursting with significance. It led to me joining a Bible study and eventually inviting Jesus into my life. God had been preparing my heart; then he used Brooks to catalyze an active move toward him.

Brooks was one who had “put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.” The peace and security he’d found in Jesus moved him to be watching for people like me, wanderers to whom he could declare that a King who offers eternal rest and joy and acceptance was near. Brooks may not even remember the interaction, but he was faithful to see us and invite us to learn about this King.

What significant insignificant interactions are around you today? We cannot always see how God may be preparing others’ hearts to receive him, but he calls us to be constantly ready to let them know he’s near.

Lord, I confess that I often go through life oblivious to the little opportunities you provide to point others toward you. Open my eyes to how significant even the tiniest conversation might be, and make me ready to show and tell people that you are good, and you are near. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Throughout this Day: Take a moment to consider all that Jesus has given you through his death and resurrection. How has he changed you? What blessings and truths, both tangible and intangible, do you now have? How does this prepare you to be a messenger of his love to others?

Song of Reflection: "Jesus is Alive" by CityAlight When relevant, we’ll include a song that can help you reflect further on today’s subject. If you have song recommendations that are relevant to today’s passage or devotional, feel free to send them to us!

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