Do you find it difficult to watch the news these days? As a news media fanatic, I thrive on keeping informed on the latest breaking news. Lately, the ongoing pandemic pandemonium has caused a resurging interest in end-times biblical prophecy.

Theologians and commentators provide us with complementary, and sometimes contradictory, opinions and theories concerning prophetic fulfillment. As a prophecy layperson, for me, accurately interpreting end-time prophecy is like navigating a theological minefield. Like first-century believers, my studies, observations, and conclusions often evoke more questions than answers.

Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians encourage Christ-followers to remain informed about the times and the seasons prior to Christ’s return. Inaccurate and contradictory teachings infiltrated Thessalonian culture, causing fear and anxiety among believers. In Second Thessalonians, Paul, a rabbinic authority on prophecy, reminds Christ’s followers to avoid confusion, embrace faith over fear by remaining scripturally grounded in their prophetic perspective. Paul reiterates the importance of discerning correct and credible sources — avoiding and ignoring any conflicting or contradictory source, other than himself or his coworkers.

Do you interpret today’s headlines through the lens of prophecy? Any potential prophetic rumblings and rumors may be a foreshadowing of things to come. However, like our first-century brothers and sisters, we cannot be influenced by shallow sensationalism or false speculation. We must remain calm, collected, and Scripturally–grounded.

During this present darkness of delusion and deception, Paul would implore us to actively engage. Be vigilant, watchful, and prayerful. May the Holy Spirit whisper transparency, trustworthiness, and truth amidst uncertainty and unknown.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that you forever remain sovereign, regardless of personal crisis or circumstance. Give me wisdom to appropriately discern the times through the lens and counsel of Scripture. May the Holy Spirit protect me from delusion and distraction. Encourage and empower me to be obediently vigilant, watchful, and prayerful as He leads me into all truth. Amen.

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