Throughout the ages, men have heard of the resurrection. Some men mock and ridicule. Others, being intrigued and convicted, wait to hear more another day. Then there are those who have never seen but are convinced and believe (Acts 17:32-34).

Our final eternal destiny depends on how we evaluate this truth. Interestingly, only about 500 people witnessed Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Though he was seen alive openly, he was not shown by God to all the people. He was seen alive only by those who were chosen by God beforehand.

When this world comes to an end, only a few of the billions of people who have lived throughout history will have seen Jesus rise from the dead after being killed on a cross. We will all take our places in eternity having never seen the proof with our own eyes. This was God’s plan. Believers will be with God himself forever. Unbelievers will be cast away from his presence.

Friend, do you believe in the resurrection? Where will you be at the end?

After being told by his friends that they had seen the Lord, Thomas said, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my fingers where the nails were, I will not believe.” Later, Jesus showed him his wounds and said to him, “because you have seen me, you believe; blessed are those who have not seen but believed.”

Lord Jesus, we long to see you in your time. You could have been our judge, but you became our justifier and purifier. We praise and thank you for your great sacrifice! We will live forever, fully sanctified and glorified, because you live!

Throughout This Day: Take time to rejoice in the fact that one day, you will indeed see the resurrected Christ in all his glory!

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Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio on Unsplash