I have a problem, a big problem, a problem only God can fix.

Is God helping? You betcha. He’s changing me inside and out. He wants me to repent, to rest, to be quiet, and to trust. In the words of Psalm 42:10, to “be still and know that I am God.”

The problem comes when, instead of resting in God, I grab the problem back and keep trying to solve it on my own. Even my efforts to trust God more still revolve around me. When I meditate on the qualities of God, I gravitate to those that speak to how God relates to me. I think more about God as Completer and Protector than I consider God’s holiness and sovereignty.

If I lack strength, it’s not because God’s promise has failed. It’s because I have never really "let go and let God."

Resting doesn’t come naturally. I have repented. I’m sincere in my request. I use devices to help me stay focused. I write in my journal. I carry around cards that remind me what God has said. I explore issues in my poetry.

Do you see the pattern in those verses? I, I, I. I’m so busy trying to believe in God’s promises that he has no room to work. What I need to do is to put it in God’s hands and forget about it. Let him do the work.

If ever God’s promise seems slow in coming for you, perhaps it’s time to sit back and let him work unimpeded.

Sovereign, Holy Lord, you see how very weak I am, and you love me anyway. Teach me more and more to rest in the strength of that love you have promised to provide. Amen.

Go Deeper — Be conscious of how much of your prayer time revolves around you instead of God. Is it possible for you to let go and trust God’s promises?

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Photo Credit: pixabay