Is your light shining?

All those who know Christ have living within them a source of energy that disperses darkness, creates warmth, and reflects the source of life. Believers carry the light of God. And that light is meant to shine.

Scripture clearly shows us how to shine that light—by doing works of such good report that others will see and think well of Christianity. It’s been said when we get to heaven the Lord will not say, “well thought or well-planned, good and faithful servant,” but “well done.” Shining the light of Christ means doing something. Something with purpose. We shine the light so those who see our good works may be brought to glorify our Father which is in heaven.

If we want other people to see God, the best thing we can do is turn on the light switch.
But just as different wavelengths in the light spectrum produce different colors, so each of us possess different gifts, positions, and opportunities in which to shine his light. It doesn’t matter whether we have a big splashy gift or a subdued ordinary one. He gifted us differently because the world needs to see the whole spectrum of the rainbow.

One of the enemy’s greatest tricks is to deflect the light, making us think what we have to offer has little to no significance. But who wants to someday stand before the Lord and hear him ask: “Why didn’t you use your gift of boldness to stand up against that bully?” Why didn’t you use that gift of generosity to help a neighbor who had less than you?” “Why didn’t you use that gift of knowledge to direct your co-worker to the logic of the gospel?”

Fellow believer, let your light shine.

Lord Jesus, thank you for shining your light on us. Please help us shine that light on others in whatever way you lead us to do.

Throughout This Day: As you plan the day, think of each place you go where you will have the opportunity to shine the light of Christ. Then ask him to help you make your sphere a brighter place.

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Photo Credit: Nagatoshi Shimamura on Unsplash