It was a dangerous moment for me. My father had just committed suicide. I was overwhelmed by feelings of severe doubt, guilt, and grief. My faith was wavering… But I was not alone.

When I shared my struggle with a Christian friend, she offered to accompany me on my journey by meeting with me to read Scripture to me and pray for me because she knew that right then, I could not come to God on my own. As the weeks went by, she taught me to put words to my pain, my questions, and my needs. She played a crucial role in helping me get through my grief with God rather than without him.

Since then, I have followed her example whenever people share their pain or struggle with me either in person or online. I simply listen to them tell their story and offer to help them come to God by reading Scripture to them and praying for them in their presence. To me, that is what encouraging one another daily is all about: it is never trying to convince someone to change. Rather, it is helping one another come to our Father in our times of need so that He can change us.

Is it possible that even as you have been reflecting on this verse, God has been bringing to your mind someone he wants to encourage? If so, why not take time today to phone that person and ask him or her how they are doing?

Father, thank you for adopting us into your family and surrounding us with people who help us come into your presence when we don’t feel able to do it on our own. Help me be that kind of friend to the people around me right now who are finding it hard to trust in You. Fill me with your Spirit and show me who you want me to encourage today through your Word and prayer. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Consider inviting someone who is going through a hard time to meet you regularly for coffee, Scripture reading and prayer. The goal is not to change the person; rather, it is simply to help him or her come into the presence of the One who can change everything.

Are you going through a painful season? Here is a resource that we hope encourages you: Clinging to God in Difficult Times.

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Photo Credit: Paréj Richárd on Unsplash