Have you ever felt looked over and unseen? Maybe you’re an introvert and being heard or seen in a noisy room is a struggle. Or maybe your posts on social media get fewer likes than those of your peers or close friends.

Hagar knows what it’s like to feel unseen. In Genesis 16, we find her alone in the desert having fled when Sarai found out Hagar was pregnant with Abram’s child. Sarai started mistreating her. When Hagar stops by a spring in the desert, an angel of the Lord finds her and reveals to her his plan for her child (a son).

In response to this, Hagar states. “You are the God who sees me.”

I can imagine Hagar probably felt beat up by life at that point. I wonder what thoughts were swirling through her head as she sat by the spring, alone with no one to turn to. When no one else saw past her servitude and Abram’s wife treated her with scorn and jealousy, God saw his daughter whom he loved. He hadn’t forgotten about her and had a plan for both her and her son.

So often in life, it can feel like God has forgotten us — answering every prayer (it feels like!) except for ours. However, be assured that he is the God who sees you. He knows every intimate detail about your life. He knows things that you don’t. He knows what others cannot see, and he is holding you firmly against the most aggressive of storms in your life.

Hold on while the God of the universe is holding you.

Father, thank you that you hold me. Thank you because you know me and know every detail of my life. Help me to trust in you today and to rest in the truth of your Word, like Hagar. I know you will redeem me, your precious child. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Be encouraged today through worship: “Arms that Hold the Universe” by Fee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSgPEpD-t6Q

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Photo Credit: Richmond Fajardo on Unsplash