“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10

Do you yearn to live a life of significance? During a season of vocational and spiritual discontent, I silently prayed, “Surely there’s more to life than this…” A relentless restlessness resonated in my soul. Initially, I ignored my uneasiness, because I was comfortable with life as usual, but internally, I felt unfulfilled and empty. So I started asking God to help me discover a dynamic and thriving faith.

By divine design, God has integrated an insatiable desire for significance into our spiritual DNA. Often, we try to fulfill this yearning by prioritizing fame, fortune, or other temporal treasures and pleasures, which may appear to satiate us temporarily. However, the aching emptiness persists and reverberates in our souls.

Paul reminds us that God created us anew to live a life of selfless significance – a life of good works that God prepared in advance – a life that fully and faithfully shares and reflects Him. Paul, Luke, and others practiced occupations while prioritizing sharing the gospel in word and deed.

Are you seeking soul significance? I rediscovered soul significance while serving on a community outreach team. God challenged me to transcend cultural and occupational obligations and expectations and to faithfully share Him with the community. Whether you are a preacher, physician, poet, or plumber, God has redeemed you to experience a thriving and dynamic faith journey – a journey that reflects eternal significance and influence.

It is only when we fully realize our value and potential in Him and surrender to His direction and influence that the aching restlessness subsides and we begin to live with abiding joy and satisfaction.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for creating me anew in Christ Jesus. Help me to revaluate my priorities and to discover and embrace the good works you have planned for me. Open opportunities for me to reflect my faith with those in my community. Enable me to experience a thriving and dynamic faith through selfless service. Amen.

Take Action

Consider the following question: What can I do to influence my community with the gospel? Ask God how you can specifically use your gifting to reach out to others. Then put one or two action steps into your calendar. Not sure how? You might want to do something fun.