In the early 1970’s, crooner Bobby Vinton released what would become a classic love song, “Sealed With a Kiss.” The song’s lyrics focused on how a summer-long absence could be mollified through a letter “sealed with a kiss” as well as an anticipated reunion in September when the lovers would be restored with a kiss.

Now we may find the idea of sealing or confirming anything with a kiss as only a sentimental gesture, but God confirmed his commitment to us by sending us the Holy Spirit. He did so to show believers that while we would be alone on this earth after Jesus returned to heaven, the promised Holy Spirit’s presence would be a sign as well as a source of comfort and hope. We would be sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus suggested that the Spirit could also be seen as the Comforter or Advocate, as recorded in John 14:16, 25–30. In this chapter, John tells us that Jesus was deeply concerned about his followers’ emotional well-being after he left earth. He records phrases such as “not leaving us as orphans” and “not letting our hearts be troubled.”

The image of a medieval seal represented the solemn promise by the King that whatever was contained in the document could be trusted. God gives us the Holy Spirit when we trust in him because he wants to demonstrate his trustworthiness as well as his desire to comfort us, knowing that life can be difficult. What an awesome picture of God’s love for us!

Holy Spirit, you live in me. I am sealed as God’s own because I have accepted Jesus as the Christ, his eternal Son and Savior of my soul. Seal me, protect me, comfort me. Teach me to lead a Spirit-filled life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Look for sealed things today. Many products are sealed for our protection so we know they are not contaminated. Let this remind you that you are sealed as well.

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Photo Credit: Jordan Ladikos