Life comes into focus in self-isolation.

Like Saturdays.

For me Saturday usually means sleeping in, lingering over coffee, and dawdling away the morning, just for starters. I now realize that Saturday is so special because of Monday through Friday!

What is coming into focus for you? My own lens runs the gamut.

- Work: Do we need to? How we want to! Wish we did not have to! - Travel: Wish we could. Sorry we cannot. Staycation takes on new meaning!

Also coming into focus are our responses to the pandemic. Even that word gives reason to pause!

For some of us it is fun. We read humorous memes, watch clever music videos, laugh at people hoarding. We enjoy this special lockdown time with our families. We are having the times of our lives.

For others, the response is fear. They never leave the house, wash hands and surfaces incessantly, wonder if funds and future will ever rebound to “normal”.

We have reason for concern, and yes, we must act responsibly.

Many of us respond with faith. We realize we are in this together and can lean on one another (virtually of course). We know that we can grow in faith through trials, and most of all, we can know that the pandemic hasn’t surprised God; he is in control, and he is our protector.

Easier said than practiced.

Dear God, you have worked through earthly turmoil before, and are doing so again. Help me see things from your perspective, to not take these matters too lightly nor freeze with fear. May I be your hands to help people who are vulnerable, and may I do my part to quash the spread of this disease. Amen.

Go Deeper — Which category do you find yourself in the most: fun, fear, or faith? Our online mentors are responding to many people during these times. Feel free to reach out to one of them by filling out the form below if you would like someone to pray to you or write to you.

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Photo Credit: Amy Humphries