Can you imagine a diet devoid of salt?

We take for granted the role of salt to enliven food. We often overlook salt’s flavor-enhancing power. Without salt eating would be boring.

Jesus refers to believers as the salt of the earth. What does that mean? Let me tell you my story.

In my work as a university professor, I have opportunity to be salt in the field of close relationships. My audience is professors who read dusty scholarly books and articles for cutting-edge research in our field. Therefore the goal of my research is to bring an ‘ah-ha’ to academics who may not normally consider the role of righteousness and faith in everyday life.

For example, in one study I considered how godly virtues such as self-control and humility benefit friendships and marriages. The most significant finding was that people who thought their spouse self-controlled and humble also thought that they enjoyed a satisfying marriage.

In another study I found that being faithfully committed to one’s spouse was likely to come hand-in-hand with being an excellent listener.

Also, a study during the pandemic showed that people who attended church, even online, were more likely to trust and support their housemates, and experience less anxiety, during the height of social lockdown compared to people for whom church means little.

These studies were attempts to be salt to professors who might not think that virtue and church are relevant to marriage and friendship. More so, the studies were published in scholarly magazines where few articles show virtue and church at work. My hope is to bring taste to readers so they wake up to realize that God is at work even if they do not consider that true day to day.

When Jesus said be salt, he meant for us to bring life to life. For it was he who said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) My work attempts to show that true to people who may never read Jesus’ words.

In what ways might you be salt? In what ways might you give people reason to think “Hmm, this God thing might have merit”? How does your talk and walk inspire others to imitate your love for life and people? How can we all be salty?

Dear God, likening us to salt has helped me see my role as a witness to your grace. You want me to be delightfully full of your goodness in ways people recognize. You hope that my life brings joy and meaning to people so they want to follow you. Lord, fill me with your Spirit that I may be salty today. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Consider how you present yourself on social media. What might you post that shows delight and purpose? Consider how your posts might be about the good God is doing in the world and our response to him. Be careful not to be shallow though. If life is hard right now, be careful of posting a blithe “But God is Good”. Try to show his goodness amidst your hurt.

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Photo Credit: Ethan Walsweer on Unsplash