A sign on social media caught my attention.  It read, “Courage is a love affair with the Unknown.”  I noticed that in the saying, “unknown” was capitalized. Evidently it is a Hindi quote by Osho, but to me, it contained a godly truth. 

As Paul wandered Corinth, he noticed a statue to the Unknown God. He used that as a jumping off point to draw the Corinthians to Christ. He proceeded to tell them who God is, and many were converted.

I so admire missionaries who have the courage to speak boldly about Christ day after day, often not knowing if it has had any affect.  It also takes great courage to live out your faith each day and “walk like you talk” among people who do not do the same.

God has shown me lately that believers are all missionaries. Whatever we do, if we glorify God, then we proclaim Him to those for whom He remains unknown. Our goal, by living our life in faith, is to give people the courage to have a love affair with the unknown so they may take a chance on God and break out of their sinful nature. Change is never comfortable. Leaving behind habits, lifestyles, and friends takes immense courage.

Many people have misconceptions about our Lord. They fear they have done too many bad things in their lives and are afraid of His punishment. His love affair with them remains unknown to them. Our calling is to help them know about it.

Winning souls for Christ is a courageous act, for both the believer and the person who has yet to believe. Both are boldly walking into the unknown so they can be drawn into the arms of the One who knows all.

Lord of All, help us to draw others to your love and to have the courage to get to know you. Grant us the boldness to step out in faith and become a witness to your merciful grace. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


Look anew at the people in your life who have yet to come to Christ. See them as unknowing, and help guide them to take the courageous step into faith. Ask God to give you the boldness to do that.

Do you find it a bit scary to share your faith? You are not alone. You may want to consider being an online mentor. It’s a great, non-intimidating way to learn to share your faith.

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Photo Credit: Teddy Kelley