“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men…” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Restlessness is not always a bad thing. The sense that there is something better somewhere, that the grass is greener elsewhere, is part of the eternal call of God on our hearts.

As believers we know that we are just passing through this world. Our restless spirit is often the call to focus on more eternal things.

Faith is the steadfast refusal to seek ultimate things – ultimate pleasure, ultimate fulfillment, ultimate purpose, ultimate understanding – where God has not laid them. (The Rest of God Chapter 14 by Mark Buchanan)

We know God calls us to a greater value system, to His ultimate purposes for us. Let that realization anchor your heart with hope.

Rest is mixed with restlessness. Vacations are always too short and sometimes less than ideal. Dream homes have problems. Good health is hard to maintain and can be snatched away suddenly by mishap or stray virus. Community is fragile and even amid close friends we can feel a little lonely.

Today find delight in the rich things that the Lord has blessed your life with. And know that when they cannot satisfy you entirely, it is His call upon your heart to look upward. Look homeward to Him and know that the richest treasures are not kept in an earthly bank. Find time to be in His presence where true rest is found.

Heavenly Father, ?Today I ask You to train my restlessness in Your ways and help me find the deep treasures of Your Kingdom as I walk. ?In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Take Action: 

Pay attention today to any restlessness within you and use it to train your heart and mind to look beyond to the source of real rest in His presence.

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