Mary has given birth—let’s think back to the response of Mary and Elizabeth in the midst of history’s greatest miracle.

In a posture of humility and faith, Mary responded to the angel by declaring that she is “the Lord’s servant” and may everything that the angel said about her come true.

Elizabeth continued with the same humility that Mary had when responding to the angel. Elizabeth said to Mary, “Why am I so honored, that the mother of my Lord should visit me?” (Luke 1:43) Elizabeth was humbled at the thought of being part of God’s redemption plan—bringing her Savior into the world.

Both Mary and Elizabeth believed God’s word and trusted that He was able to bring His promises to completion. Both women shared their faith, joy, and trust. The divine encounter strengthened both women; they experienced joy and celebration.

In humility, Mary and Elizabeth considered it an honor to be part of God’s plan for the world. They desired His will above their own will. They believed God’s promises, trusted His word, and believed He was able to accomplish His plans—even if those plans defy logic and reason.

May we approach the Lord with the same humility, faith, and trust in His ability to do what He promises. May we act on what He says, allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, and may His glory captivate our hearts and minds to be a willing and faithful part of His passionate plan to redeem this broken world.

Lord Your plans are perfect; You keep Your promises; Your word can be trusted and You are able to accomplish Your plans. Lord, we desire Your will above our own. Give us courage to obey You; fill us with Your Holy Spirit to faithfully fulfill our part in your plan to redeem this broken world.

Take Action

Take a look at the new series: Treasure: Jesus is Worth Everything. Consider going through it online yourself or together with a small group from your church. It’s a great way to step into the joy of what God is doing to redeem lives around you.

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