The advent of Christmas causes my mind to spin like a pinball machine. Traditions, plans, parties and programs; trees, decorations, lights, and candles. Then there are presents — thinking of presents, buying presents, wrapping presents and giving presents. Into this flurry of activity, an angel of the Lord comes and echoes the profound declaration of the first Christmas, “Fear not … I bring you good news of great joy.”

News so big it overshadows every other human experience in life from the monumental to the mundane. News with the capacity of turning a road of self-destruction into a freeway of freedom.

I don’t know your circumstances this Christmas season. Maybe you are enjoying a period of peace. Maybe, like me, you’re running for pinball wizard of the year. Wherever you are, I pray you will hear the message of that angel who visited those humble shepherds 2000 years ago. Hear, really hear, the great news of resounding joy:

A Savior has been born to you.

Dear Lord, this busy time of year, help us to stop and really absorb the message of the angels to the shepherds — the message that is for us as well — that you were born to save us. May that bring us peace. Amen.

Go Deeper — Who do you know who really needs to hear the message from the angels this holiday season? Make some time to sit quietly with them and talk it over.

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Photo Credit: Ben White