Do you ever feel like you are running around putting out fires? I know I do. I have work demands, family responsibilities and church commitments. When there is a problem, I have to take care of it. When a crisis comes up, things get even more stressful.

As a Christian, I’ve often operated under the belief that God will tell me how to handle my problems. He can give the wisdom to deal with situations in the best way possible. However, if I’m honest I often depend on my own ability to figure things out. Letting go of the control and letting God intervene can be difficult.

In Isaiah 30, the prophet paints a very familiar picture of people who are trying to deal with life. When a crisis happens, they switch into a self-preservation mode. When an enemy approaches, they do what seems reasonable. They run.

However, through Isaiah, God presents them with an alternative: stop, rest in His salvation, and trust in His strength. God’s people don’t have to wear themselves out trying to save themselves. God wants to be their protector and guide if they will only stop their rebellious ways and turn to Him.

What may not be a natural path for us may be the way God has planned for us to follow. So when we naturally want to figure out how to fix a problem, maybe an unnatural alternative would be better. Stop, rest, and go to God. Let His Spirit show you the right path.

Lord, forgive me if I have taken control where you wanted to step in. Forgive me when I worry and take on more than I need to. Remind me to stop, rest, and go before your throne with my troubles. Amen.

Go Deeper — Think about what things you are trying to naturally handle by yourself and whether it would be better to hand them over to God instead.

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Photo Credit: Rob Bye