Like many people, my life has had its ups and downs, and there have been lingering seasons of uncertainty when I have not remembered God’s goodness in the past. Recently, I had been struggling with a dilemma and the Holy Spirit reminded me of how God had graciously provided the answer and clear direction in a similar situation. Sometimes, I have to look back, and be reminded of God’s incredible faithfulness and power, and see his gracious hand in every detail that has concerned me. Intentional remembering can grow our faith, lead to greater intimacy with God, and reshape our feelings in the present.

Throughout the scriptures, God reminds his children of his faithfulness. Zakar is a Hebrew word meaning “to remember.” In the minor prophet book of Amos, God reveals details to the children of Israel to reinforce his faithfulness. He reminds the Israelites that he conquered the Amorites, rescued them from Egypt, and gave them the promised land (Amos 2:9-12). These details set the example for how we should remember the many times God has shown up during our trials.

We are living in complicated times, and the daily news is filled with all kinds of problems facing the world but when we are anchored to remembering the good deeds of the Lord, we are able to change the way we see ourselves, and our situation. Ultimately, by focusing on God’s grace and remembering his goodness you will be strengthened to face the uncertainties and impossibilities of life. Spending quiet time with God to “zakar” God’s goodness will lead to inward heart transformation and fill you with hope.

Lord, I want to live a life that glorifies you. Help me to intentionally remember all the good things you have done in the past. Thank you for your promises that remind me of your goodness and help me to be thankful even in times of trouble. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Song of Encouragement: I’ve Witnessed It by Melodie Malone

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Photo Credit: Derek Thomson on Unsplash