Several weeks ago my mother experienced a traumatic event while in the hospital emergency ward. My wife and I happened to be there when she collapsed and stopped breathing before being resuscitated by the hospital staff. It was a sobering reminder of her frailty and how her ongoing medical issues may one day lead to her death.

Several days later we debriefed what had happened. My mother commented that, apparently, God still had something more in mind for her on this earth. Now that seemingly innocuous comment struck me as I thought about it over the next week. Her comment only made sense when it was placed in the context of a woman who had lived her entire life seeking to bring glory to her creator.

The book of Ecclesiastes is meant to be a sober reflection on the fallen nature of humanity and all the trouble people bring on themselves. At the same time, the last chapter is an honest acknowledgement that, when individuals reach the end of their lives, they can sometimes forget all the blessings they experienced along the way. The “forgetting” may just be a product of aging but it can also come about when the difficulties that accompany old age seem overwhelming.

For my mother, neither of those things have taken place. She continues to love the Lord with all her heart and extols his active work in her life to whoever will listen. It is a marvelous testimony of God’s faithfulness and serves as an inspiration to her family members and many others. That’s what I want my legacy to be - to reach the end of my days singing God’s praises in spite of whatever challenges I may be experiencing.

God, I pray that the relationship I enjoy with you now will remain strong to the end. Help me to be faithful in praising you no matter what.

Throughout This Day: Tell someone that you are encouraged by their faithfulness even though they may be going through difficulties.

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash