My flight was cancelled. My trip would now go through Dallas rather than Miami. I dashed to the other side of the airport, just in time. As I settled in, I struck up a conversation with a middle-aged businessman next to me.

I felt God’s Spirit prompting me to ask about his spiritual journey. But I resisted. Finally, I asked, “I’m curious. Do you ever think about God or things like that?” He looked surprised but went on to tell me that five of his family members and friends had died in the past 6 months. Our conversation then led to his nominal church background and his spiritual openness. Before the flight landed, he opened his heart to Christ!

My reluctance can come from many sources — What will people think? This is uncomfortable and inconvenient. I’m tired. Is this God or just my thoughts?

I’m convinced it was no coincidence that my flight was changed and that I was seated next to a man grappling with the sudden loss of so many around him. I’m so glad my reluctance gave way to obedience!

In Luke 5, Peter’s first response to a simple request was, “We’ve tried that, didn’t work.” Yet he obeyed simply because Jesus had asked. Just as Peter stepped over his resistance and lowered his nets to experience a boatload of fish, we too can see the supernatural work of God. But we must be willing to try.

Will you step over your resistance to experience the joy of being used by God?

Dear Father, I want to obey your Spirit’s prompting and direction. I have questions and doubts. Give me the strength to step over them and simply say as Peter did, “But because you say so, I will…” I know you have a good plan and would never ask me to do anything that would not fit into your will and purpose. Thank you for your work in me and through me! Amen.

Go Deeper — Is “reluctant” a word that comes to mind as you think of your response to the requests God has made of you recently? What causes your reluctance? Do you trust that God is all-wise and has the best plan?

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