I took up drawing this year, and one trick I learned is to always work with a diagram so everything is in proportion and to go square by square so as not to get overwhelmed by the complexity of the image that I’ve chosen to take on.

It’s always scary making those first strokes in the graph that I’ve mapped out, thoughts such as: “Eww, this is ugly!”, “Why did I do that?”, “It’s going to look horrible…”, swirl around my head faster and faster until I’m forced to stop and refocus on the bigger picture. When I do, I see that all those ugly lines I THOUGHT were making a mess of things were actually the ones that connected the portrait together and made it wholly beautiful.

That’s how it is with eternity and God. We get so caught up obsessing and worrying about the little details of things that we forget our perspective is not eternal like our Heavenly Father’s is. Ours is immediate and we can only see the square that he has us working in, but not him. He has the full picture and he sees the beauty in what we only see as chaos and squiggly lines that make no sense.

So today, whenever you find yourself worrying about the details, remember that God already knows how everything is going to work together and all you need to do is be faithful and fulfill the tasks he gives you to complete. One day, you’ll take a step back and see the fully completed picture and say, “Oh, so that’s how it all worked out.”

Father, Help me to trust in your unfailing wisdom and love whenever I don't see the full picture. Thank you for loving me and entrusting me with tasks that have eternal importance. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Remind yourself often that God is utterly powerful, loving, good, and wise and that you can trust him with every single detail of your life, especially when your situation makes no sense to you.

Tags: Daily Devotional Isaiah 55
Photo Credit: Dorothy Garrovillo