Jesus spared no expense when he came to live with us.

There was no red carpet, no luxury hotel, no fancy car, no banquet set for him, no secret service, and yet the King of Kings came to live with us at immeasurable cost.

What is it that he bought? He spent everything in order to reconcile a relationship that was irreparably broken. More than that, he bought the redemption of those who are openly and actively hostile toward him.

This kind of thing creates a lot of internal questions and problems. It would be dishonest for me to say there aren’t people in my life I can’t stand to be around — especially those whose views are in stark contrast to mine. These are the people we call names. Deplorables. Disgraceful. Shameful. Idiots. The names I’ve listed here are charitable.

We might look at Jesus and say, “Look! He called people names too!” “Brood of vipers.” “Whitewashed tombs.” Sure. But we need to finish the story. Are we ready to put ourselves on the same moral high ground as Jesus? Not when the heart of Jesus was such that he went to the cross in order to purchase their redemption.

What about me? What am I to do? When I look across the aisle at those people, I have to remember we’re not so different. Like me, those people bear the image of God. I have to ask myself then, “What is it worth for me to seek reconciliation with those for whom Jesus died?”

Heavenly Father, the Bible is full of names that accurately describe my actions when I choose to operate apart from you. Thank you for bearing those names and my shame on the cross in order to reconcile our relationship. By the power of your Spirit living in me, may I too lay down my life to seek reconciled relationships with my fellow man.

Throughout This Day: Meditate on the cost of your reconciliation with God, a cost fully paid by Jesus. Then ask him to show you if there is anyone with whom he wants you to make peace. If so, invite him to show you how he wants you to do so.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash