Real peace awaits those who come to Jesus.

When the angels announced peace, they didn’t mean simply a lack of open conflict. Peace on earth doesn’t come through a temporary truce that doesn’t address the underlying hostility, nor by begrudging resignation.

No, peace — the reason Jesus came — means reconciliation with God.

All our problems stem from the moment Adam and Eve’s disobedience severed our relationship with God. Sin destroyed our intimacy with God, our fellowship with other people and our contentment with ourselves.

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul addressed the division between Jews and non-Jews in that church. As Gentiles, we were excluded from God’s chosen people, the nation of Israel, from the covenants God made, and from His promise to send a Redeemer. Our situation was hopeless (Ephesians 2:12).

But then, Christ came.

Jesus destroyed the barrier, the wall of hostility — all the rules that divided Jew and Gentile, all the things that alienate people from each other. By dying on the cross, the sinless Jesus fulfilled the Law that no human could never keep. Jesus formed the bridge that reconnects us with God.

Jesus is our peace.

Jesus reconciles both us and our enemies to God, because all who come to God must come through Jesus.

Jesus preaches peace — reconciliation — to those who are near to God and to those who are far from God (Ephesians 2:17).

In Christ, we discover not only restored intimacy with God, but the pathway to healed fellowship with our family and our former friends. Jesus brings peace to our souls.

Thank you, Glorious Father, for sending Jesus to be our peace. I know that only Jesus can provide the way to be in right relationship with You. May the reconciliation that Jesus brings flow out my life to all my relationships.

Go Deeper — Think about any estranged relationships in your life. Surrender these relationships to God. Pray for the peace and reconciliation that only Jesus can bring.

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Photo Credit: Aaron Burden