Movies flood viewers with images of superheroes who are bold and courageous while at the same time learning how to use their gifts to better the world. Good and evil battling each other is always fun to watch, but to live in the thick of it is a whole different experience worth having. Every Christian has the ability to be a different kind of hero through an intimate relationship with God, and through that he or she can influence society in godly ways.

Humanity was created in a unique and singular way. God purposely made us so we could each have our own personal relationship with him. Yes, we each have God-given gifts, but we must learn how to use them the way God intends us to use them. And just like in the movies, as we do, we gain power and confidence in fighting evil and making the world a better place, but only through the Holy Spirit equipping and guiding us.

In the Kingdom of God, great power comes through great intimacy.

The power we tap into is not given because of anything we do or say. If everyone could reach this intimate place of power by following a set of rules, then the relationship would be built on something other than love.

This kind of relationship can’t be obtained through following a list, or trying to discover some magic formula that will lead you to his glory. Instead, in our weakness, when we declare our complete dependence on God, we are made strong through the Holy Spirit (2Corinthians 12:9-10). That's when we serve in the strength that he provides and make a real difference in this world. Talk about super power!

Lord I don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore when it comes to truly knowing you. Help me to have the courage to not only speak to you, but listen as well. Show me what my gifts are and how they can be used for good. Help me in my weakness to have your supernatural power to do your will. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Spend time with God in a conversational way throughout your day, tapping into his strength instead of your own.

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