I enjoy walking. Rugged up, I went for a hike. As the sun hid behind the clouds, I turned to check out what was happening behind me. A dark cloud loomed, and it began to lightly rain.

Common sense told me to go home and avoid walking any further. But turning back could make me get wet faster. If I kept going, the rain could become heavier. So, I wondered if I could ask God to stop the rain until I finished my walk. Did I trust Him enough to ask? I kept walking and prayed that God would not to allow any rain where I hiked so I could stay dry.

I kept walking. Another hiker greeted me. He told me I would get wet. I once again pondered whether to go on or not. Then, I remembered my prayer. I asked God to forgive me for believing those not so encouraging words from my fellow hiker. Then, I smiled, trusting God had heard me. I kept walking, singing away, trusting and thanking God. When I reached my destination, I was still dry.

It taught me a lesson. Reign versus rain. The righteous will live by faith and reign in life, Paul says. To please God, we need to walk by faith and in the Spirit, trusting God will help us. When “rain” threatens our walk in life, we can reign over sin and our circumstances by tapping into the supplied grace through Christ, thus glorifying God.

Heavenly Father, thank you for helping me to believe that grace is not only for salvation but for a blessed life on the earth too. Help me tap into your grace graciously supplied so I can rule over sin and see your mighty hand at work in my life, in Jesus’ Name.Amen.

Go Deeper — Reflect on Romans 5:17 above. The next time it threatens to rain, let it remind you of the other reign, the reign of righteousness through God’s grace in Christ.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop