Often we think worship is reserved for the times when we sing praises to God in our weekend services. But worship is so much more than just singing praises. We can sing and yet not worship God. Worship comes from the heart. It must come from a place of humility where we acknowledge we need God, that we are dependent on Him, that we cannot do anything without Him.

One way we worship God is through simple prayer — pouring out our hearts to Him, declaring our frailness and His strength, our simplemindedness and His wisdom, our need and His provision. Just as a loyal citizen kneels before their king to declare their submission to his decisions, laws, and decrees, we proclaim the same thing when we pray. Turning to God in prayer for guidance and help declares, “You are God and I am not.” In so doing we worship our Maker.

In the above verses, David declares his dependence. Kneeling before his King, he offers his trust, asking for guidance and surrendering to God’s leadership. This is sweet, holy worship!

Do you struggle to know how to worship God? Start by doing what David did. Offer your trust, surrender to His leadership, and be willing to follow wherever He leads. This is worship in its purest form and it pleases the heart of our Father!

Let us hear of Your unfailing love each morning, for we trust you. Show us where to walk, for we give ourselves to you. Rescue us from our enemies, Lord; we run to you to hide us. Teach us to do your will, for You are our God. May your gracious Spirit lead us forward on a firm footing. Amen.

Go deeper — sing your favorite worship song right now (do so under your breath if you are not at home and would disturb people around you). Make it your commitment to be available to serve God in anything He asks of you today.

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