I have a great life; Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior who’s granted me salvation, unshakeable peace, hope, encouragement and contentment. I am blessed. Yet, somehow, I manage to complain about ridiculous ‘first world’ problems in my life that really aren't problems.

From an eternal perspective, whining should never exist. So, why do I do it? Despite how disgusted I am with my sinfulness, the compulsion to whine or complain always seems to lurk beneath the surface. It's unnerving when I see myself so clearly.

Throughout the week, my composure gradually unravels and it is exhausting.At week's end and as I come before the cross of Christ at church on Sunday, all the grievances I had been carrying throughout the week pierce my wretched heart. The first notes of worship music fill the air and my eyes fill with tears, drawing my shame out into the open.

Yet, it's not condemnation I'm receiving from the Lord. It's mercy, love and forgiveness. My heart bursts with profound gratitude as my lips say, ‘Thank you, God’, again and again. I don't deserve his sweetness washing over me but I humbly receive it. As service draws to a close and my voice sings praises to God, I am lifted up and restored.

Having been saved, we as believers in the living Christ can flip griping on its head with an attitude of gratitude. In light of eternity, we have so much to be grateful for! We serve a mighty and sovereign God who can do the impossible. Let us not hesitate to verbalize our gratefulness to him, “…with all wisdom, and as you (we) sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” (v.16), as well as when we pray.

Father God, I ask you to forgive me when I grumble. There’s no reason for it in light of all you have done and continue to do for me. Holy Spirit, help me to have supernatural self-control over my whining so that I may, instead, praise you in a spirit of profound gratitude. It’s in Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

Throughout This Day: When you are tempted to complain about something trivial, sing a song of thanksgiving to your heavenly Father instead.

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