We see it so clearly displayed whenever we watch a sports event — uninhibited people jumping, shouting, and even singing for joy as they celebrate their team’s exploits!

Joy is like that, isn’t it — exuberant, irrepressible, demanding energetic expression?

It is this intensity of emotion that Isaiah expresses as he looks ahead to the time when The Holy one of Israel will bring salvation to His people. In this passage, he invites us to see evangelism as a joyous, exuberant proclamation of God’s deliverance to every nation under heaven. And that is what evangelism should always be, isn’t it?

I may not sing or shout out the Good News, but I do want to share it passionately, so that the people who hear it sense the depth of joy Christ brings and yearn to experience that joy for themselves!

The Christmas season gives us amazing opportunities to express our joy in Christ. For instance, we can post awesome Christmas carols on Facebook, invite people to see the movie The Star with us, or come to special joyous church events. We can open our home for parties or dinners, and even offer gifts that share the Good News! Volunteer at a non-profit to help wrap donated gifts, or serve at a soup kitchen. Collect socks or blankets for the homeless. Visit folks in nursing homes.

So many ways to spread cheer. How will you share your joy this year?

Father God, your Gospel is such joyous news, such an amazing declaration of the glorious things you have done, are doing, and will do for us. Like Isaiah, I want to see the whole world come to hear the news of this salvation so that they can share in this amazing joy! Use me this day, and throughout this holiday season, to spread that joy wherever I go. Amen.

Go deeper — Throughout this week, take time often to sing and shout out your joy in God’s salvation, and actively seek opportunities to share this joy with those around you.

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Photo Credit: Grant Ritchie