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“I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm 34:1

What does it mean to extol? It means to praise enthusiastically.

I remember a situation a couple of years back that brought me great pain and disappointment. I felt let down by God because I had prayed, fasted, and done everything I knew to do, knowing full well that nothing is impossible for Him. But nothing changed. I felt bitter because I thought God could have done something.

Only later did I realize that the situation went that way for my good. God had my best interest at heart. And because He knows the end from the beginning, He was working things out according to His plans and purposes for me. That taught me a great lesson.

Sometimes we don’t feel like praising because we’re disappointed, overwhelmed, or have a lot going on in our minds. How will I fix this or that? But still, the expectation from God is that we not only praise Him in good times, but extol Him, offering enthusiastic praise, at all times.

What should we do when we don’t really feel like praising? We must remember that our walk with God is by faith and not by sight or feeling and that God still deserves our praise.

When Daniel learned about the decree to only pray to the king, he continued to pray just as he had always done (Daniel 6:10). His house had windows in the upstairs that opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day, he knelt there in prayer, thanking and praising his God.

Because God is faithful, no storm or situation has to stop you from praising Him!

God, help me to walk with You by faith in my praise of You, knowing that all things work together for my good, because I love you! Amen.

Take Action

What are three things you can praise God for today? Shout or sing His praises right now.

Need to remember how big God is? Watch and/or sing Holy, Holy, Holy.

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