The situation was fragile. The group was divided on what to do. One said, “We need to pray!” Another said “Yes but… we need to do more than just pray. We need to DO something!” In our desperation for an immediate answer to our pain or problem, we can miss what God is offering us through prayer. We devise solutions instead of enduring in prayer as we wait for what God has for us.

The invitation in this Bible verse is an opportunity to receive from the Lord himself right in the midst of the question marks. God invites us to come to him boldly and confidently. It’s not a promise for an immediate solution. Yet it is a promise to find mercy and grace, the strength to walk right there in our need.

Sometimes God does answer our crisis prayer right in the moment. Other times there is no immediate answer. We feel forgotten and assume prayer is just not working. Yet when God waits with the answer, he offers something far deeper. He offers grace, God’s divine influence, operating in us to give us strength and wisdom, patience and endurance. And he offers his mercy; his love and compassion holding us through the storm. And so he helps us in our need.

The next time a bump in the road of life causes you pain or hardship, and your mind rushes to create solutions, stop and pray. Pray for your answer, yes, but continue praying and look expectantly to receive his divine influence, his compassion and mercy, his help with just what you need to carry you through. God himself invites you to receive these things from him.

Father God, Thank you for your open invitation to come boldly to you. Today, in the midst of things I don’t understand, and as I await your answer, let me receive from you. Pour your love and mercy over me to hold me. Pour out your grace, your divine influence, into my heart and mind, strengthening me and giving me wisdom. Divinely grant me your peace today. Thank you that you walk beside me and will be my help. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Today's Challenge: If you are in the midst of needing an answer to prayer today, pause and reflect on how his grace and mercy are extended to you right where you are. Receive his divine influence to help you walk today with His peace, right in the middle of your circumstance.

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