Many people rely on the Psalms during hard times. When they’re upset, sad, or frustrated, they sit down, open their Bible, and immediately turn to the Psalms. But my safe place is Isaiah.

In Isaiah, I always find beautiful words that comfort my heart, and January is a time of the year when I often need comforting. Between seasonal depression, getting back into the swing of normal life after the holidays, and wondering what trials the new year will hold, January can be a difficult time of year for many people. Me included.

Isaiah understood difficult times. At the time of his writing, the Jews were living under foreign powers. Empire after empire had dominated the Jews over the last few centuries, and it might have seemed that all hope was lost. The struggle would never stop.

But Isaiah’s words are confident and infused with a supernatural peace and hope. He had received a beautiful vision of the future that left him convinced of one important thing — God had a marvelous plan in store.

Like Isaiah, we may find ourselves in the middle of chaos and strife as this new year begins. But we can take heart by remembering a God-purposed, beautiful future is to come. One day, all suffering will be ended and we will live in infinite peace.

This January, take a little of that peace with you and be reassured that we have hope… hope that will endure forever.

Lord, thank You for Your beautiful promise to give me eternal hope and peace. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write Isaiah 55:12-13 on a notecard and tape it to your door, mirror or car visor. This is what I’ve done, and I read the verse to myself each morning as a reminder of my hope.

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Photo Credit: Natalia Y