Will there really be peace on earth, good will toward men? Our son is a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. Stationed in Europe, he is part of a rapid response team ready to join our NATO allies in defending peace and freedom in the region. There are many threats to peace in our turbulent days. As glad as I am to have strong allied forces arrayed against terrorism and tyranny, it can be hard sometimes ― especially as parents of a soldier ― to believe that peace will win out.

Yet there is something behind this familiar Christmas message that gives me hope. One of the amazing things God did when he sent his Son into the world was to show us that He was not against us … He was for us (Romans 8:31)! There is nothing that brings me peace more than knowing that my powerful, loving God is for me.

He has sent his Son to conquer every enemy: death, sin, darkness. Jesus came into the world to "wage peace" on our behalf. And because God is for us, in the end, no one will stand against us. There will be peace. Jesus came into the world to guarantee it. We who believe in Jesus Christ can experience that true peace every day.

What causes you to fear? What steals your peace? Troubles and trials are real and can often feel overwhelming. God knows how you feel, and He is for you, not against you.

Father God, I am so often tempted to fear when I see trouble and turmoil all around. Yet all the terror and tyranny in the world cannot stop your love. In sending Jesus into the world, you proved that you were for us, not against us. That there will be peace on earth, and we can have peace in our hearts because of your great love for us. Thank you, Lord! Amen.

Go Deeper Thank God for this truth that He is for you and not against you, and then rest in his amazing, peace today.

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Photo Credit: Aaron Burden