My knees felt weak, my head spun. I was filled with so many toxic emotions at once. My colleague had grossly lied about me and my work, and it was too much to bear. I eventually decided to not seek justice, trusting God would see to it Himself.

Make no mistake about it. What my colleague did was absolutely wrong. Out of jealousy, he wanted to smear my reputation. I wish someone would have stood up for me. But when it didn’t happen, God gave me the peace to let it go and move on to a new job.

When someone diminishes you, lies about you, and mocks you, especially for or because of your beliefs, it can be such a personal and vicious attack. But what do you do when you can’t quit your job, when you can’t change families, or when you don’t want to have to attend another church? One of the hardest things to do, when walking with Christ, is to not seek your own justice. It is totally opposite to the natural human response.

Jesus said the words found in Matthew because He understands. He knows the pain. He was insulted, lied about, and mocked all the way unto death. But He wants us to see the bigger picture.

What Jesus teaches us is to be loving, even when facing such difficulties. God is our justice. When we love in spite of it all, it proves that we are made of something that is not merely human — that God, who is love, lives inside of us.

Almighty God, my justice and my peace, forgiving is hard to do, and so is letting you be my justice. Yet, I will trust in you. Change my heart, renew my mind, and fill me with your Spirit. Teach me to love as you love. Amen.

Go Deeper — Are you facing a situation where you are treated unjustly? What would be the loving, godly response? Is anyone you know facing injustice? What loving and godly advice could you give them?

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Photo Credit: Boris Baldinger