I decided to take a road trip with my family before the kids headed back to school. I quickly realized there were many routes to choose from to get to our final destination. Did I want the fastest path, the longer scenic route, or the tourist track with its many stops?

If my objective was to get to our final destination as fast as possible, why would I pick a route that required many stops? I could not take the scenic route and expect to get there quickly. I needed to decide what was most important to us and choose the best path to get there.

In Luke 9, we see how difficult a time the would-be disciples had as they struggled to sever ties to the things of the world and choose to follow Christ instead. Often our desire to go back to how things were distracts us from doing what Christ asks of us, making it difficult to follow him faithfully.

What amongst the many paths the world tosses at us, which we have attached ourselves to, are we willing to set aside for him? Are we spending too much time browsing the internet, swiping away at our phones, or connecting with people on social media sites?

Christ does not want us too occupied in activities that have little to do with following him. We should choose the most direct route to Christ and exclude all other unnecessary pathways. Each day we are presented with this choice to make.

Lord, help me to do a better job of focusing my attention on what you are asking of me. Let me not be distracted by the things of the world that I end up going back to a way of life where I am far from you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Seek to make worshipping and following Jesus in the Spirit’s strength your focus throughout the day.

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Photo Credit: Deep Doshi on Unsplash