Doubt gripped my mind as I prayed, “Dear Lord, is this of you or my own selfish desire?” I relished the thought of getting a college education and being a teacher, but I wasn’t certain of God’s will. I felt as Gideon did when he put out a fleece before the Lord, seeking to know if God truly intended to use him to defeat the Midianites.

On the day of registration, I awoke with the same tormenting doubts. I knelt and prayed a prayer of release. I asked God to remove the nagging reservations I felt in such a way that it would be impossible for me to doubt his leading. I hoped, as did Gideon, that the Lord would not be angry with me for this request. (Judges 6:39).

A knock at the front door interrupted my pleading. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I answered it. Judy, my neighbor, stood on the porch. “You’ll never guess what happened. I was cleaning the couch you gave me and when I shoved my hand down next to the side cushion, I pulled this out! It was stuck on my ring finger.”

Stunned, I gazed at my old high school class ring inscribed with my initials. I had lost it two years earlier. This was the undeniable confirmation I had sought about continuing my education.

Trusting in the Lord goes beyond an intellectual acceptance of his Word. A deep reliance is necessary for obedience to any of God’s commands or directions. And he doesn’t mind if we ask for confirmation.

Dear Father, may we sincerely seek you with all our hearts. May you prune us of sin and selfish desires that blind us to your path for us. May you grant us the grace to follow your revealed Word, discernment, and the ability to trust and obey the leading of your Holy Spirit when we receive confirmation of your will. May we worship you for your guidance and patience. Amen.

Go Deeper — Use a concordance to search out the Scriptures for a biblical example of the issue you are facing. Meditate over how God worked in that situation. Trust him to intervene in your situation as well.

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