When I lived in the Greater Toronto Area, I had the opportunity to fish where I had never fished before. So when I arrived at the river I went for big carp and small bass like the locals. After getting skunked fishing carp, I switched to a light rod and began targeting faster, fun-fighting bass. Cast, cast, cast. Reel, reel, reel. And for a while, nothing. Not a bite, not even a sighting.

Then, while retrieving my lure near the deep rocky shore, flash, boom! The rod bent sharply and line zipped to the depths. Whoa! Fish on!

I normally land fish in 1-3 minutes, but my light tackle made me play carefully the fish’s steady weight and charging runs. Five minutes. Eight minutes. I thought it a sure catch.

And then, with no warning, the fish turned, shook its head, and spit the hook. Fish off. I only saw its tail.

Years ago I learned to fish “palms up,” meaning I am not in control and the outcome of a “fish on” was no guarantee of a fish caught. But this time I expected success, and hoped for a photo op with my first Ontario trout!

My angst is genuine yet misplaced. Like the Psalmist I know my hope and comfort comes from God, not from fish caught or other achievements. When I live palms up, I indicate my willingness to love God and leave outcomes in his hand, and along the way his Spirit offers rest.

Are you fishing palms up?

Dear God, so often I want to control everything in my life. Help me to open my heart to your love and my hands to your details so I may know your peace amidst disappointment. Amen.

Today's Challenge: In your prayer time, physically pray "palms-up" and allow the Holy Spirit to take control of those parts of your life you would rather cling tightly to. Amazing things can happen when we surrender control.

Additional Resource: Bob Goff's book Love Does discusses palms-up living in Chapter 31.

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