Have you ever been consumed with busyness of life, never pausing to contemplate life’s most precious gift — time? I often consider the days and years, which have passed so quickly. The older I become, the more mindful I am of living life with a kingdom perspective and purpose. Life’s brevity reminds me that the most imminent and important time measurement is the present, fleeting moment called “now” that we only live once.

In Psalm 90, Moses intercedes for God’s people as he reflects on God’s eternal sovereignty and the brevity of man’s life. Moses, in the context of eternity, realizes that life’s hourglass sand depletes quickly. He petitions the Lord to teach His people how to evaluate their life’s days by living each day and year with an eternal perspective, which is completely dependent on God’s sovereignty, guidance, and purpose. Moses recognizes, and verbalizes, that when God’s people acknowledge His sovereignty from an eternal perspective, their hearts gain the necessary wisdom they need to live life accordingly.

Life is full of enticing distractions. As Christ followers, how do we number our days accordingly? Like Moses, we should daily petition God to teach us how to live life in the now. We need to acknowledge God’s sovereignty, evaluate the temporal and the eternal, and then embrace an eternal perspective. This will influence how we live life — day by day, hour by hour, or minute by minute, and help us seize every precious instant of that fleeting moment we only live once.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for hearing my prayer. Teach me to recognize my own mortality in the light of eternity, to daily acknowledge your sovereignty in my life, and to realize that opportune life moments are lived in the now. Cultivate in me a heart of wisdom so that I may live life intentionally, purposefully, and accordingly — with kingdom purpose — for your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Go Deeper — Read Psalm 90. Make Moses’ prayer part of your daily prayer. Ask the Lord to help you understand and embrace an eternal perspective that influences how you live life, day by day, hour by hour, or moment by moment.

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Photo Credit: Annie Spratt