My wife literally has everything in her purse. Today, I needed tissues, a hammer, peanut butter, and dice. She had two of each in there. It was incredible.

I think the Holy Spirit is a lot like my wife and her purse. He shows up and helps us when we need it and provides all the tools we need.

Too often, the Father and Son get all the recognition. In the United States, the coins have “In God We Trust” stamped on them. Most people know the Son was born at Christmas and that Easter is a big deal for Christians. We are even named after him.

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is like that friend who always remembers your birthday, knows your favorite food, and can recite all the words to your favorite movie/song. He is always there. He wants what’s best for you.

The Holy Spirit is there to help you remember all that Jesus has told us. The Holy Spirit has your back. He is there to comfort you, to help you, to strengthen you, and to lift you up.

The Father is important. Jesus is important. But let’s not forget about the Holy Spirit who provides for us in our time of need. Just like my wife’s purse. Let’s give the Holy Spirit the honor he is due and incorporate his help into our everyday life.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to help us in our time of need. You are generous, and we don’t deserve it. Thank you for loving us. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Go Deeper — What do you really need today? A sincere heart? A better attitude? A humble spirit? Ask the Holy Spirit to provide you with those tools.

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Photo Credit: Deva Darshan