What are your talents? What are your gifts? What are the things God has given you? Go and see. I’ll wait. It doesn’t matter how many or how few there are.

Those gifts are incredible. And we need them. God can take them, whatever they are, and make them so much more. His power is sufficient in our weakness.

You know what else is true about those gifts? They are multiplied when you use them with others. When you and I work together. Because you and I have different gifts. When we use them together, Jesus can feed thousands with them.

“Finally, the gifts and purpose we are given are designed to equip us to love God fiercely and others extraordinarily. We need God. We need people. People need us. We were created by the relationship of the Trinity for a relationship with God and others.” -Jaclyn Loween, Go & See

We were not designed to serve God on our own. We can try. And God can use that. But there is something incredibly powerful about serving with fellow believers. We need each other. You might be good at explaining, I might be good at empathizing. You might be good at teaching, your friend, at serving. You might be good at thinking deeply, your spouse, at engaging with new people.

So let’s go and see. Go and see what you have, I’ll go and see what I have, and we can bring it in a basket to God together, then watch what he does with it.

Lord, thank you for what you have given me. I bring my fish, my two coins to your feet. Please show me how to love fiercely for your glory. Be glorified in me.

Throughout this Day: Ask the Spirit to show you the ways he wants you to use his gifts to God's glory today, in his strength. Ask him if there are any new ways he wants you to serve him with others.

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Photo Credit: Shot On DJI on Unsplash