Many Christ followers believe Jesus will return someday. Others believe He won’t return during their lifetime. Because of the world’s unrelenting environmental and social volatility, many more believe that we are living in the season of His return.

When I engage in conversation regarding the imminence of Jesus’ return, I am surprised by some Christ followers’ recurring, almost scriptural response. “They’ve been saying this for years, in every generation, but life continues as always.” As you read the passage above, their response may seem eerily familiar.

Foreseeing the season of Jesus’ return, Peter prophesies this seemingly prevalent, careless, and faithless perspective. Remarkably, many readers assume Peter’s letter addresses unbelievers, but regrettably, he describes the complacent opinion of many current Christ followers.

Peter reiterates that, unlike men’s promises, the Lord is our faithful promise keeper, and that His promise to return aligns with His time, purpose, and will. Peter clarifies any misunderstanding regarding delay by emphasizing the Lord’s patience with people. He desires that no one remain lost and provides the grace for people to repent before He returns.

Are we living in the season of Jesus’ return? Maybe – or maybe not. Regardless, we need to intentionally discern the signs and times through the lens of God’s Word. Numerous secular and spiritual theories and thoughts consume today’s multiple opinion forums, but we cannot allow complacency or apathy to replace urgency or expectancy. Jesus commands us to be vigilant. May He find us watching, but also busy doing His will in His strength when He returns.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that your promises are trustworthy and true. Help me to not be complacent or enticed by life’s alluring distractions or compelling opinions; rather, help me to daily discern the times. Help me to live life according to your Word in the power of your Spirit – a life of urgency and expectancy, watching, praying, and anticipating your promised return. Amen.

Go Deeper — Reflect on today’s world through the lens of 2 Peter 3. Read the chapter before beginning your day and again in the evening, asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment. Journal your insights and share them with those within your sphere of influence as God gives you the opportunity to do so.

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