What’s your mountain?

You know, the thing that’s standing in your path that feels insurmountable. A special needs child or dealing with a drug addicted teen? A financial crisis? A health issue? Perhaps it is the battle to forgive. Maybe you need help to love unconditionally or you have a hard time giving up control.

As you stand and gaze upward, its looming presence is overwhelming and you may wonder, “How will I ever get over this? Do I have the energy and the fortitude to even try? What if I fail?” I have such a mountain in my life. Some days (very few I must admit), my mountain seems “manageable,” but most days I’m praying for what seems impossible. I have observed something — when I focus on the mountain I’m easily overwhelmed by the enormity of it. Recently, my nephew shared with me how he was dealing with his own personal mountain – Army Basic Training. He said, “One. Boot. At. A. Time.”

I suddenly realized I’d been fixating on my mountain instead of fixing my eyes on my God. I assumed I would climb this mountain in one gigantic impossible leap, instead of one boot at a time.

We don’t have to worry about failing, falling, or fainting because God is with us. He’s got this mountain! We still must climb it but when we choose to concentrate on God, not on the mountain, we can walk up it, one boot at a time.

Faithful Father, you never call us to something that you will not equip us to handle. You never promised an easy road but you do promise to be with us and to give us the strength to hike it. Show us the way, strengthen us for the journey, and teach us to trust in you one boot at a time. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Identify your mountain and surrender it to God. Ask Him to show you what you need to do to walk up it one boot at a time. Need help to see signposts of God’s faithfulness along the way? Read Crumbs Along the Way.

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