“Where is the road? I can’t see a thing!” My fear was obvious as I tried to make my way through the swirl of a winter blizzard. The snow blew in multiple directions, causing my dizzied navigation skills to drive me into the ditch. It took me several minutes to compose myself. I was bewildered by how quickly I became disoriented and misdirected.

Thankfully, I didn't get in too deep before realizing my error, nor was I far from home if I needed help out of the ditch. After some careful maneuvering, I managed to free myself from the snowy trap and returned home, safely.

In times of confusion and panic, it's easy to lose our way when there is no sense of which path to take. Whether it's inclement weather or an important life decision, solid and reliable direction is imperative to live safely and wisely.

That’s why, as believers, our best compass resides within us through the internal guide of the Holy Spirit — the Counselor who came to live in each of our hearts the moment we accepted Jesus into our lives. As followers of Christ, we can never go wrong by listening and being obedient to the voice that leads us in the way we should go for a godly and well-lived life.

Is there something in your life that requires a solid course of action? May you turn to, and trust in, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Father God, Holy Spirit, and Lord Jesus, you are the perfect trio of goodness and leadership that I need every day of my life. There are so many paths that I can't trust myself to take, so I need you to show me the best way. Thank you that you will never fail to keep me on the right track. I love you, and praise you, and pray this in your holy name, amen.

Go Deeper — Do you take the time to be still to hear the guiding voice of God? Life can easily become confusing and devastating without proper direction. Be still and wait for the best guiding voice of your heavenly Father. He knows the path for you.

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Photo Credit: Natalia Y