The day before, Jesus entered Jerusalem hailed as a king; it was a day of triumph and joy. But today was becoming a nightmare. Jesus was again talking about dying (12:33), warning them about a traitor in their midst (13:21), and predicting that Peter, their leader, was about to deny Him (13:38). The disciples were on the edge of catastrophic failure: confused, frightened, and uncertain.

Although troubled in His own Spirit (12:27), Jesus comforts His band of followers: “Let not your hearts be know where I am going and the way to get there.” Thomas responds for all of them: “We don’t know where you are going, and we don’t know the way.” They want explanations and details.

Jesus turns their focus back to Himself. You don’t need a map because I am the way. You don’t need information because I am the truth. You need not fear death because for you I am the life.

Thomas à Kempis  wrote, “Without the way there is no going; without the truth there is no knowing; without the life, there is no living.”

Our greatest need is Jesus. Our best answer is to trust in Him. He is the way. How have you been seeking direction without looking to Jesus?

Jesus, there is an issue that deeply troubles me. I want to acknowledge that You care for me and that You are able to lead me through it. I trust You, Lord, because in You I have life. I ask You to be present in my life as my truth and my way forward. Amen!

Go deeper — identify the issue in your life today that concerns you the most and for which the next steps are either not clear or unknown. Bring this issue to God in prayer. Connect with a trusted friend for prayer and advice. You could also talk to a confidential online mentor .

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Photo Credit: Elaine Casap