"And now, Father, glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed." John 17:5

Set Some Non-Negotiable Offline Time. What parts of your life deserve 100% of your attention? Commit to putting your phone away in those spaces no matter what.

Do you know where your cell phone is?

Do you remember a time before you even had a cell phone? How did you spend your time in those old school days? 

The advancement of technology and media means all kinds of amazing things for us, but at least for me, it means I hardly have any quiet moments. Waiting for the bus, I'm probably texting a friend. Laying in bed at night, I'm probably scrolling through my favourite website. Relaxing after work, I'm probably challenging my iPhone to a rousing game of Scrabble. 

If we spend every spare moment entertaining ourselves, how will we respond to God's still, small voice? Will we even notice it?

Lord, restore to us the sense of Your glory we had before the world began. Give us a faith uninterrupted. Amen. 

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