A simple definition of character is “who you are when no one is looking.” It is easy to portray a loving family with well-behaved kids, a clean house, and scrumptious meals on Facebook or Instagram. But in reality, your marriage may be falling apart because you don’t communicate. Your kids are always in their room and ignore you. You are about to lose the house because of reckless spending trying to keep up financially with friends.

While you are sitting staring at the screen ready to type a status or an update, what do you type? When you are doing your taxes and no one is looking, what numbers do you put down? When you see an attractive person walk by and you have sunglasses on so your spouse can’t tell where you’re looking, what goes on in your head?

Ruth was the same person whether she was in a crowd or whether she was by herself. And because of that, the entire town knew that she was a woman of noble character. Character matters to God.

What if you found out that you have been recorded 24/7 for the last week? Would you be proud to show that footage or would you do your best to burn it? God gave you free will, but he watches intently and is overjoyed when you make the right decision. When you make the wrong decision, granted he is disappointed, but he doesn’t love you any less. Even so, noble character matters.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the example of Ruth and her noble character. Please help me to focus on what kind of person you want me to be and to strive to be that person every single day in your Spirit's power. I may be the only Bible someone reads and I want them to know you better by my actions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Go Deeper — Honestly look back over the last 24 hours. How noble has your character been? Ask God to forgive any shortcomings and for better discernment the next time no one is looking, because he is. Never forget that his Spirit lives within you and always gives you all the resources and power you need to obey.

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Photo Credit: Faical Zaramod